Other Services

Caring for Families through Adversity(CFA)

Is a three session intervention for parents and caregivers of children recently diagnosed with cancer. CFA is an integrated cognitive behavioral and family systems intervention that was developed by a multidisciplinary team in Oncology. The purpose of CFA is to promote healthy family adjustment to pediatric cancer and treatment and to prevent cancer - related post-traumatic stress symptoms in family members.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Is a service provided by Compadres Therapy which is integrated into the overall rehabilitation of the child. It is the art of using horses to promote physical, occupational and emotional growth.

Bundle of Hope

Is designed specifically for newly diagnosed children. This duffel bag care package includes a thermometer, pillbox, hot/cold pack, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, tooth brush and water bottle. It also includes comfort items such as a blanket, a stuffed animal, journal and literature.


Is designed to help our families during the holidays. Families receive food and children receive gifts in an attempt to preserve the sense of connection and joy traditionally associated with the holidays.

Food Pantry

Provides canned foods, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and staple items. In addition, funds are available for families to purchase perishable items.

Care -A-Van

Is a shuttle available to assist children and their families with local transportation to and from patient’s medical appointments.

Prize Box

Provides toys and games to hospital-bound children who are hospitalized for extended periods of times. Also used for birthdays and celebrations.


Distributed 12 times throughout the year. It contains a child’s profile and it informs all our families with a calendar of events, workshops, meetings, photos and articles of interest to our families.