Therapeutic/Emotional Services

Caring for Families through Adversity(CFA)

Is a three session intervention for parents and caregivers of children recently diagnosed with cancer. CFA is an integrated cognitive behavioral and family systems intervention that was developed by a multidisciplinary team in Oncology. The purpose of CFA is to promote healthy family adjustment to pediatric cancer and treatment and to prevent cancer – related post-traumatic stress symptoms in family members.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Is a service provided by Compadres Therapy which is integrated into the overall rehabilitation of the child. It is the art of using horses to promote physical, occupational and emotional growth.


Specialist facilitated, play-based learning that promotes insight into complex emotions which encourages their expression.

Caregiver Training

Caregivers learn the importance of taking care of themselves in addition to others. They are given relaxation techniques, coping skills, self-help techniques for the mind, body and spirit.


Established for parents to learn how to apply positive discipline and abuse-prevention techniques to their parenting styles. Advocate for children, learn new parenting skills, prevent child abuse and help to become nurturing parents.

Teen Support Group

Teens gather to share common problems and experiences associated with a particular problem, condition, illness, or personal circumstances. They get the opportunity to talk with other teens that are like themselves-teens who truly understand what they are going through and can share the type of practical insights that can only come from firsthand experience.

Arts Therapy

Provides parents with the opportunity to get out of the day to day routine. They share and socialize with others while creating wonderful masterpieces with paint and canvas.

“Remember Always” Seminar

A one day seminar providing information to individuals who have lost a child to a catastrophic illness such as cancer. For many parents, life after the child’s death is unbearable; thus we explore different programs and activities that help families live beyond the death of their child.

Family Meetings

Monthly meetings feature guest speakers who are invited to…