Available Holiday Cards

Wings of Hope

Created by: Ayleen


Gone Shopping

Created by: Emily


Special Delivery

Created by: Roxanna


Tree of Hearts

Created by: Ayleen


Holiday Steer

Created by: Viviana


Snowflake Hero

Created by: Ayleen


Magic Snowman

Created by: Viviana


Meet the Artists

Ayleen Martinez

Age: 6

Diagnosis: Brain Tumor

School: Crosby Elemantry School 1st grade

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts and Painting

Goals in life: Would like to be a doctor to help other people

Viviana Alba

Age: 18

Diagnosis: B Cell ALL

School: Graduated from Riverside High School 2019

Hobbies: Drawing, Art and Theater

Goals in life: She wants to attend NMSU in the future to study Graphic Animation and Theater

Roxana Corrales

Age: 9

Diagnosis: ALL

School: Segeland Elementary School 2nd grade

Hobbies: Arts and Crafts, Painting, and Making slime

Goals in life: To be an oncologist just like her doctor

Emily Rose Macias

Age: 11

Diagnosis: ALL

School: Horizon Heights Elementary 4th grade

Hobbies: Play in the water and Arts & Crafts

Goals in life: She wants to go to college and become a police woman or a doctor