Psycho-Social Services

Children with cancer are first and foremost still children and want to be treated the same as children without cancer. They want the opportunities to run, play, swim, and enjoy being with other kids. Candlelighters gives children, their siblings and their families a chance to enjoy normal childhood activities.

Camp Courageous

Is a week long summer camp restricted to the children who have cancer. It provides these children with a chance to have a normal camping experience. They will learn many of the skills necessary to meet extraordinary challenges they will face while fighting their disease. This camp offers the opportunity to interact with peers who accept their limitations as well as others who have or are experiencing similar changes. Children are able to talk about treatments they have undergone and discover new interests, enhance skills, self-esteem and help develop a greater respect for themselves and their abilities. Camp is not just a place to escape rather it is a place to develop character.

Camp Bravo

Is a week long summer camp restricted to the children who are siblings of the child with cancer. This camp’s primary target is to focus on the needs of these often times forgotten children. Designed to help get to the root of the anger, fear, frustration and jealousy they might be experiencing. They are able to have their feelings validated and discover effective ways to cope. Friendships and bonds are created and help carry them during the time of feeling isolated from their parents.

Camp Little One

Is a one day mini camp for children who do not meet the requirements of (6 years) old for either Camp Courageous or Camp Bravo. This fun day of camp provides a time to play, giggle and feel great about being a kid and a place to feel special.

Camp United

Is a weekend getaway that begins with a special private time where couples are pampered and given an opportunity to reconnect. They come together as a group and guest speakers provide sessions on communication skills, anger management, coping, stress relief and relaxation techniques. We encourage parents to re-establish their commitment to each other and through a united front fight the battle of childhood cancer together.

AYA Retreat

Is a weekend getaway for teens to come together and share their unique experiences and talk about their emotional, physical and social adjustments they have undergone. They develop new strengths and new friendships are discovered.

Family Reunion

Held in August each year, a fun event for the entire family with food, games, recreational activities, and music.