We are hoping to see you at our Walk of Hope this year!  As you may or may not know this event is in honor, in memory, and our warriors who are battling cancer.

This event will be held at Ascarate Lake and we will be having performers, food trucks, vendors, music, games and so much more!

We would really like your support for these amazing children and their families.

You can do that by creating a team for ANYONE you know who is or has gone through this battle.  It can be a child, mother, father, grandparent, friend, or any loved one.

To create a team all you need is a few family or friends to donate a few dollars to raise the amount of $100.  You may print out the form and mail it back with a check or money order or, you may also

Drop it off at our office located at 1400 Hardaway #206, El Paso, Texas 79903.

So please come and join us at our Walk of Hope and bring your family and friends to support Childhood Cancer Awareness in September.

If you have any questions you may contact us a 915-544-2222 or by E-mail.

Thank you for your support and can’t wait to see you there!